Working for myself and getting my business(es) up and running means I don’t have set working hours.

It can be that I’m working into the evenings, messaging traders or performers, connecting with people online, processing online sales and the such. It does mean that I often don’t get a lot of time to myself to relax and switch off. There is always something I can be doing.

img_0019January saw the end of my contact at the day job. February sees me consulting and training. So I’m only just getting into the swing of self-employment, even though the day job was part time for the last year and a half.

After February I don’t have anything lined up that will bring in a guaranteed income, other than my own hard work, hustle and dedication.

It’s both exciting and a little scary.
So, where I can I try to enjoy an evening of not looking at social media or having the iPad or laptop on.

Last night it was the luxury of having the flat to myself while my flatmate was at the cinema so I could binge on a few episodes of Mad Men. (Yes, I’m super behind!)
Another opportunity I grab is the time spent travelling to and from work.

I use this 30-40 minutes to immerse myself in books.
Before the last season of Game of Thrones started, I began reading the books (which are amazing and I highly recommend them even if you don’t watch the show).

As well as confusing the hell out of me when the to show started because they’ve not been true to the books with some of the story lines, it ignited my love affair with books again

As I was coming to the end of the series, I picked up some 1950s ‘pulp fiction’ novels in a charity shop local to my mum in Kings Lynn.

I picked them up entirely for the cover art and the titles, but decided for a bit of fun to read them to see what they were actually like. And to my surprise, they weren’t that bad!

Once I’d finished reading those I started looking for something new to read. Luckily my tube station as a small book shelf that’s free for people to borrow.
I try to find the ones with the weirdest titles, odd cover art, intriguing reviews.

Most of the time they are enjoyable, some have been brilliant, others not so great, but I’m a reader who has to finish a book.
Below are some pictures of the ones I’ve read recently. I’m to going to review them, just share the vintage, retro, kitsch, pulp goodness of them!


Tricia x