About Me


A good few years ago, I was one half of The Hostess Hotties with my best friend Lousia.
We had a great time working on the burlesque and cabaret scene stage managing, working front of house and managing guests lists.

Our ‘thing’ was to dress to the theme of the show. Think corsets, feather boa bustles, steampunk accessorised mini top hats and jewellery!
Where we could we would use vintage accessories teamed with reproduction and vintage style outfits. (Vintage plus size being hard to find, and then needing two makes it impossible!)
We got so many comments about how we put our outfits together, where did we get that? etc etc that it gave us an idea – and that’s how Hotties Vintage came into being!
Most of us in the vintage scene have FAR too much ‘stuff’, so we had a good sort out, put enough together for a stall at a friends market and found we loved the buzz of selling – helping others find those fabulous, unique pieces.

Hotties Vintage is about fabulous, and affordable, vintage jewellery and accessories.

My newest adventure is opening a small boutique space in Tottenham that will not only showcase the vintage jewellery and accessories, but will also be a space to sell a range of Plus Sized only Vintage Style clothing.

I believe that a little touch of glamour can be added to any style and outfit with a lovely piece of jewellery. I have something for everyone, no matter what your style, influences or look may be. Adding that little bit of sparkly will add to your uniqueness and individuality.